Monday, January 9, 2012

New Art Exhibit @ FTS. Christopher and Lara Scalzi present: "Lucid Dream"

Christopher and Lara Scalzi bring their adaptations of life's monotony contrasted by our innermost desires to FTS Gallery.  The opening reception for this new exhibit will be held on January 21st from 5pm till 11pm.  As always FTS will provide refreshments at no charge.  

Here is a little introduction into the lives and work of the Scalzi's:

Christopher and Lara burst out of the womb and into the art scene.

However, the art scene was entirely unaware of their presence at the time.
They grew up in a family obsessed with television and movies which eventually shaped their artistic styles gearing towards a narrative form of creativity.

Tragedy struck when their musical career took a turn for the worse. After days of infighting and nearly a week of no show performances they decided to go their separate ways. 
Lara spent the years tightly honing her crafting, sewing, collage and miniature dress making skills while Christopher discovered the Super Nintendo.  

Lara went on to study English literature and creative writing at the University of Connecticut and Christopher studied film and photography at various institutions such as Film/Video Arts, NCC, and under various mentors in the field.

Both of them promptly did what every good American does in this day and age subsequent to their education: absolutely nothing.

Frustration and boredom levels were running high when eventually Christopher teamed up with Ian Kreisberg to create a photographic web comic called "The Dan & Steve Show" which ran for 3 years amassing over 300 comic strips.

In 2009 Christopher and Lara united creatively for their first gallery show Deleted Scenes, a collection of narrative photography including comics from “The Dan & Steve Show”, landscapes, and social commentary. It also included the first character profile shots for photographic graphic novel in the works titled “Kicking Monday”. Deleted Scenes was fallowed up by their second show Outtakes, an in at the pro depth look at the production process behind the creation of narrative photography.

This recent batch of work is based upon the contrast between the world of one’s dreams and the reality of their life. All produced in a pseudo comic narrative style mixed with fine art sensibilities, the images create a vision of each person’s secret inner subconscious depicting everything from terrifying nightmares to absurd scenarios.  Accompanying the dreams is a collection of surreal photography from high rises to vast deserts.

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