Monday, August 29, 2011

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Hope all are safe and dried out from this weekend's tropical storm.  We have power at FTS Gallery and are zapping away!  No lull in permanently marking individuals here.  The month of September is going to be chock full of activity.  We have three guest artists lending their talents at FTS next month.  From upstate NY Mr. Steve Buttons will be manning a booth from Monday 9/12 - Wednesday 9/14.  The following week Nathan Evans will be gracing our fine establishment from Monday 9/19 - Friday 9/23.  Immediately following Mr. Evans, Ty McEwen will be traveling from Boise, Idaho to tattoo at FTS Gallery from Sat. 9/24 - Friday 9/30.  Stop by the shop to book an appointment for any of these talented artists.  Check out there work by clicking on the links below.

steve buttons

nathan evans

Ty McEwen

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Calling all writers, scribblers, and incoherent banterers.

Nutmeg State of Mind

I wish to develop a soap box of sorts.  A publication involving local minds.  A very free (in both cost and form) and inclusive literary experiment.  I would like to gather excerpts by either CT residents or former residents of the constitution state.  There is no necessary theme or mode to this publication.  The works may be non-linear or precise,  beautiful or revolting, or possibly complete and utter drivel.  The collection is to become a practice of free speech regardless of particular politics.  Nutmeg State of Mind has no horse in the race- no player in the game. It is simply a venue to grant people permission to carry on.  I care not of anyone's personal agenda-- meaning everyone is entitled to an opinion no matter how skewed-- as well as everyone having the right to intelligently oppose an opinion.  This is why you should feel free to vent/express whatever is on your mind.  The only thing I see as a being a general rule is for contributors to be let it rip (creatively speaking.)  I will inform readers if they disagree with a point of view/opinion/statement to understand that it is not reflective of the viewpoints of all contributors of Nutmeg State of Mind.  Short stories, poetry, rants, and essays are all welcome.  

If you have a wonderful fancy for bugs, let us hear about it. 

If you have disdain for either conservative or liberal political ideologies, speak up.

 If you have written about a fantasy where your armpits emit dragon bile which causes fairies to crave allergy medicine, elaborate.  

If you find beauty in anything at all and have moments when you do not know why you begin crying-- share.

    Guidelines are not important as of yet-- lets see how something can evolve from nothing.  All interested parties send emails to  

Thanks All

Momo Picklebelly

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mike Falzone Round Two this Friday!!!

...and you will tell he by the trail of used baby wipes.  Mr Falzone will be kicking off his late summer early fall tour with an intensely hetero-erotic show at FTS Gallery, IN STEREO!  We will be airing the performance live via Wonka-vision all over the world, besides Sri Lanka due to Mr Falzone's disdain toward the small island country.  Throughout the evening spankings will be given out at random to any person wearing sassy underpants and sporting a bad attitude.  So come one come all (except if you are Sri Lankan) to the event of a lifetime, or at least the event of this Friday evening.  A white kid with a guitar- adorably awkward and slightly doable.  Mr. Michael. Falzone.

(this message is not condoned by Mr Michael Falzone.  In no way shape or form does he or any other body affiliated have any misunderstandings with individuals of Sri Lankan decent.)  

doors at 7pm

all proceeds goes to abandoned sea anemones found on the coast of Tennessee.
Click here to attend!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fleeting memoir by Peter Rizzi

Helmut the Clown:
In 1972 Jerry Lewis (who I was compared to as a child, researched, and have been fond of ever since) made (starred) in a film called "The Day the Clown Cried".  Different versions of a summary on the film can be found on line, but here's what I gather:  The film is set during the Holocaust.  Jerry plays a clown (Helmut Doork) who, after being fired, gets drunk in a bar and makes fun of Hitler in the presence of Gestapo officers.  They throw him in prison, and ultimately find a use for him: he is made (as a clown) to lead the children into the gas chambers... sort of a pied piper forced into evil.  Apparently the film ends with Helmut breaking down into tears after he decides to remain inside the gas chamber with the children (thus, the name of the film).
 This film was never released, but If you do a google image search for "Helmut Doork" or "Helmut the Clown" you can find face shots of Jerry with the clown face paint on, looking morbidly distraught (which I intend to get tattooed on my ribs).
The reasons as to why the film was never released are somewhat of a mystery, though.  Some say it's because Joan O’Brien (the author of the book) still owns the rights and was too appalled by the film after watching it to allow it to be released.  Others say that Jerry owns the only full copy, but is too embarrassed to show it to the general public.
Whatever the case may be, the fact that it is fully finished, yet never released is very powerful to me.  Jerry intended for this to be his first serious role, and as a Jewish actor, I'm sure the role had a lot of relevance to him.  To work on something so hard and even have a finished copy that is ready for the public eye, but will never be seen in that capacity is almost infuriating to me (in this context).  As someone who generally likes to laugh at life, I know how much of a struggle it can be to be taken seriously.  This film, for Jerry, (i'm sure) acted as a way to achieve that through viable means.  He was able to be funny (as a clown) but also able to be serious due to the nature of the role.  The fact that this film has never been (and may never be) released means that the world will never see that part of him.  I think that's an idea most people can relate to.


Ty McEwen Guest Spot

Traveling from Boise, Idaho, Ty Will be doing a Guest Spot here at FTS from sept. 24th to sept. 30th. He would love to do some bio projects while he is here!! Stop by the shop to make your apt, cause this dude is a bad ass and were stoked to have him come work a bit!!