Thursday, March 8, 2012

Adam Christopher France Guest Spot

From 4/18 - 4/23 Adam Christopher France will be lending his artistic talents to FTS Gallery.  We are currently booking appointments for this accomplished artist now.

Adam is a resident artist at RedTree Tattoo Gallery in Columbus, Ohio USA. He is a custom tattoo professional and is familiar in many styles of tattooing. Adam enjoys bio-organic and realism pieces.  However, he is partial to illustrative tattooing.  

Take a look at some of his quality zaps!

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  1. "I saw this picture in the school library where someone's face was all made up of fruits and vegetables," my son said. "Would be cool to have one of those in my room."
    He and I searched for art about "vegetables" in and immediately found this one,, by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, which fits the bill to the nearest pear.