Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big Jay Cuff Remembrance Raffle Winners!

Hey all!  We would like to thank everyone who came out to help support the Cuff family last Saturday at the benefit.  Fun was had by all and your generosity was very much appreciated.  Here are the raffle winners.

FTS 50.00 Gift Certificate- Tony "motha fuckin'" Sabas
Brakettes Tickets- Sugar Foot, Aunt Stacey, and Greg*

*(note- we called the number for said greg, however the individuals on the other line are not Greg at all!  If anyone knows of this mysterious Greg, or if Greg himself sees this, come claim your tickets!)

McCoys Tshirt- Aunt Stacey

Makers Mark- CH

Jaegermeister Gift Set- M. Tecci

Igloo Cooler/Stereo- Kwasi

50/50- M. Tecci

Sorry about not posting a video- the upload process was all wonked out and sketchy.  Enjoy your prizes!

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