Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mike Falzone Round Two this Friday!!!

...and you will tell he by the trail of used baby wipes.  Mr Falzone will be kicking off his late summer early fall tour with an intensely hetero-erotic show at FTS Gallery, IN STEREO!  We will be airing the performance live via Wonka-vision all over the world, besides Sri Lanka due to Mr Falzone's disdain toward the small island country.  Throughout the evening spankings will be given out at random to any person wearing sassy underpants and sporting a bad attitude.  So come one come all (except if you are Sri Lankan) to the event of a lifetime, or at least the event of this Friday evening.  A white kid with a guitar- adorably awkward and slightly doable.  Mr. Michael. Falzone.

(this message is not condoned by Mr Michael Falzone.  In no way shape or form does he or any other body affiliated have any misunderstandings with individuals of Sri Lankan decent.)  

doors at 7pm

all proceeds goes to abandoned sea anemones found on the coast of Tennessee.
Click here to attend!

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