Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Calling all writers, scribblers, and incoherent banterers.

Nutmeg State of Mind

I wish to develop a soap box of sorts.  A publication involving local minds.  A very free (in both cost and form) and inclusive literary experiment.  I would like to gather excerpts by either CT residents or former residents of the constitution state.  There is no necessary theme or mode to this publication.  The works may be non-linear or precise,  beautiful or revolting, or possibly complete and utter drivel.  The collection is to become a practice of free speech regardless of particular politics.  Nutmeg State of Mind has no horse in the race- no player in the game. It is simply a venue to grant people permission to carry on.  I care not of anyone's personal agenda-- meaning everyone is entitled to an opinion no matter how skewed-- as well as everyone having the right to intelligently oppose an opinion.  This is why you should feel free to vent/express whatever is on your mind.  The only thing I see as a being a general rule is for contributors to be let it rip (creatively speaking.)  I will inform readers if they disagree with a point of view/opinion/statement to understand that it is not reflective of the viewpoints of all contributors of Nutmeg State of Mind.  Short stories, poetry, rants, and essays are all welcome.  

If you have a wonderful fancy for bugs, let us hear about it. 

If you have disdain for either conservative or liberal political ideologies, speak up.

 If you have written about a fantasy where your armpits emit dragon bile which causes fairies to crave allergy medicine, elaborate.  

If you find beauty in anything at all and have moments when you do not know why you begin crying-- share.

    Guidelines are not important as of yet-- lets see how something can evolve from nothing.  All interested parties send emails to  

Thanks All

Momo Picklebelly

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