Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sentiments of an insane beggar on the loose in 2011

Sometimes I can say "fuck it all" (figuratively) fuck the monster of grand commerce, fuck the gravy boat caboose: all that's left of a casino train ride through this experiment in algorithms... Wasn't it supposed to be democracy? Or better yet liberty?
Other times I can wave my American flag which was made in china for an Indian's head buffalo nickel and say "Build up, build strong and delegate your "supplemental income" to malls and alcohol so that my grandmother may still keep her Medicare and social security checks coming. ------ I cannot tell you whether I care about what I understand or if I even understand what I should be caring about?
I do understand love- and for those cynics who say "well you know what love spells backwards..." NO- you are wrong sir- in my best Gene Wilder, l-o-v-e and e-v-i-l have no relation due to inverse spelling- you assholes just have it backwards. If anything love spelled backward (to cater still) is closer to evolve... Simply missing an additional "v-e". So to all who hate to see- hate to be- hate to love, I love-ve you so much. Wish to care bear stare you from your hating plane to my cloud I pulled down to earth cause it would do me no good up in heaven where I couldn't yet use it. Jesus had a ton of things right- it's dogma and Europeans who skewed his message. I see nothing wrong with loving unconditionally, traveling while spreading peace and washing feet.

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