Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter Calendar!

Hello friends.  The Winter Calendar is hot off the presses at FTS Gallery.

Our first event of the new year will be on Saturday January 21st.  FTS Gallery will be hosting the opening reception of Christopher and Lara Scalzi's & Distilled Minds art show entitled "Lucid Dream."  The show will feature photography by Scalzi and his collective demonstrating strong narrative concepts-- some majestic- others slightly horrifying.  As always refreshments and high fives will be served for no charge.

On Friday January 27th at 8pm when the New Haven band Ports of Spain will be gracing the stage @ FTS for a FREE SHOW with more bands on the bill to be named in the very near future.  The band is comprised of drummer/vocalist Sam Carlson and guitarist/vocalist Ilya Gitelman.  For lack of a better description the Ports of Spain sound is hard to define.  Upon first listen to their Winters Teeth EP  one finds them self intrigued by each song independently due to the varying diversity of each of the 3 tracks.  There is a cohesiveness of the songs without having them sound similar.  The music sounds like soaring through the sky on a misty cool spring morning after a wonderfully refreshing nights sleep (listen here).  Stay tuned to find out about the additional bands playing on the bill.
ports of spain facebook
ports of spain bandcamp.

On Friday February 3rd at 8pm John Torres will be back for another performance at FTS.  For those who did not make it to see his prior show at the gallery back in the summer you can redeem yourself for your sins!  Check the blog history to see pics of this killer show.  This next performance promises to be full of new tunes filled with sonic horny guaranteed to make you leave stains.  $6 bucks at the door gets you in the show and as always some tasty treats a la FTS.

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